8 Amazing Facts About Paneer

Paneer is fresh cheese derived from curdling milk with lemon juice, vinegar, or other food acids. Paneer is very popular and more commonly used in India, Pakistan, bangladesh and afghan cuisines. It is also commonly refered as cottage cheese. But unlike other common cheese, paneer does not melt and it is in general non salted.

1. Paneer is a dairy product that belongs to the category of cheese.
2. Paneer cooked right will not make you fat. On the contrary, it is best suited for weight loss.
3. One of the best source of calcium, protein and phosphorus.
4. Protects the teeth against harmful sugars and prevent cavities.
5. Paneer improves digestion, boosts immune system & improves metabolism rate.
6. Naturally aids in calcifying the bones and prevent skeletal deformation.
7. Eating paneer also strengthens hair roots and helps in hair growth.
8. Reduces blood pressure, beneficial for lower body, back and joint pain.



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