8 Amazing Health Benefits of Ivy Gourd

Ivy gourd or Tindora known as “Kundru” in hindi, it is a tropical plant in the pumpkin family. The raw fruit is green in color and turns bright red when it is ripe. The fruit is commonly eaten in Indian cuisine. Ivy Gourd has also been in use medicinally in Ayurvedic practices in India as an anti-oxidant, anti-triglyceride, and anti-bacterial. Here are 8 Amazing health benefits of Ivy Gourd.

1. It helps to control blood sugar in a natural way
2. Contains abundant amount of Vitamin C
3. Rich in fiber helps in smooth bowel movements
4. Promotes metabolism in the body
5. Protects the Nervous System
6. Has good amount of calcium helps strengthens bones
7. Prevents Kidney Stones
8. Helps in preventing and curing allergy problems

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